KT Gourique


KT Gorique

Localidad: France | Estilo: Rap


After leaving Côte d’Ivoire at the age of 11, KT Gorique was removed from her roots and a large part of her family for 16 years. Having difficulty understanding who he was and finding her place in the world, music has always been her escape and her medium of expression.

Reggae and African music have always inspired and influenced his rap, but until then the fusion was not entirely assumed. After a first proposal of her hybrid with the EP Kunta Kita, KT understood that she was on the right track but that something was still missing; the key that would open a door that would lead her to a sound that really looks like her.

June 2018, LT Gorique finally sailed for Abidjan. The adult and the artist she had become were finally rediscovering the origins, the fundamentals. Then everything became clear. What it lacked was balance. The balance between everything that made her what she was, without excluding anything, good and bad. A clever mix between her oldest loves and the vision she had for her future.

A few months later, she called this new style : Future Roots. Thus was born AKWABA, a title that was not chosen by chance. In Baoulé (Ivorian dialect), this word means “welcome”. As an invitation to enter a new world, to discover, to explore, but also to change to go towards the best, towards a better version of ourselves.



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